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Klasmann TS 3


Klasmann TS 3
New generation tray Substrate TS 3 is been produced on the basis of 80% more decomposed surface milled white sphagnum peat and 20% frozen black sphagnum peat. With adjusted pH level TS3 is ready to use for professional growers as a innovative product. Free of plant pathogenic pests, nematodes and fungus. High air capacity and porosity, stable and fine structure. Excellent drainage. Excellent water capacity, supplies water for a long time. Additional of combined water-soluble fertilizer and trace element added in form of Radigen. Wetting agent ensures easy and quick re-wetting. Optimum germination and rooting growth media. Usage; New generation peat for young vegetable plant production in modular trays. Suitable for automatic filling machines, contains no fiber.
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